Diese Frau besiegte ihre Krankheit mit Yoga

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Wie Heidi Williams dank Yoga wieder zurück ins Leben fand

Als Heidi Williams fast ihr sechs Monate altes Kind verlor, brach für sie eine Welt zusammen. Nach einem Selbstmordversuch schaffte sie es mit der Hilfe von Yoga wieder die schönen Seiten des Lebens zu sehen. Die junge Mutter, die unter einer Posttraumatischen Belastungsstörung (PTBS) leidet, konnte durch Yogaübungen ihren Depressionen entgehen. Durch Yoga hat Heidi Williams einen sicheren Ort gefunden.

Safe Place

The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.- Anonymous Who is ready for an EMOTIONAL DETOX?? Starting this Sunday I am hosting my very first 7 DAY EMOTIONAL CLEANSE.  During this Cleanse we will be... 1 Identifying  Triggers, self-destructive behavior and false belief systems that have kept you from experiencing the inner strength, peace and happiness you know is inside of you, but seemed buried under trauma or over all a heaviness you cant seem to identify. 2. Challenging, Dismantling and Eradicating the false belief beliefs keeping you stuck in a downward spiral 3. Establishing a new belief system based on your peace and truth.  I will be including Meditations, Yoga, Exercise, Nutrition, Essential Oils, Teas and any other tool that have been my go-to's during my  own healing journey. You can particitpate at whatever level works for you, but I will say, the more you show up, the more results you will get. I will be taking you through a very similar proccess to the one I went through when I cleared my own PTSD trigger.  This proccess can be incredibly transformative if you allow it to transform you.  With that, I cannot wait to spend the whole week clearing emotional space with you!!! xoxoxoxoxo  See you Sunday!! click the link in bio to join us as we detox our emotions and open ourselves up to new found peace, health and happiness PHOTO WIZARD: @kariannphoto Pants: @flexilexi_fitness

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Auf ihrem Instagram-Account zeigt sich Heidi naturverbunden. Die Fotos sind farbenfroh und voller Lebensfreude. Nachdem ihr Yoga auf ihrem eigenen Lebensweg so stark geholfen hat, möchte sie nun auch anderen diesen Weg ermöglichen und als Inspirationsquelle dienen.

"Perfectionism is a serial killer of happiness" -Brene Brown Sometimes we talk about being a "perfectionist" as being a great thing.  We talk about it in job interviews like our biggest problem is that we are really just "too good" at things. But by definition a perfectionist is someone who is only satisfied with perfection.  It doesn't mean you're perfect... It means you'll never be willing to take risks, or even try, for fear that you wont be good enough.  It means that you'll never be able to fully enjoy the people around you, because they wont be good enough. When you are only satisfied once perfection is achieved, you forfeit enjoying the beauty of growth, the beauty of nature, the beauty of the human condition in general. And to me there is nothing more beautiful in life than that.  Photo magic: @kariannphoto  Flower crown: @thefauxbouquets  Hair: @styled_by_carolynn

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Den Selbstheilungsprozess, den sie selbst erlebt hat, möchte sie auch anderen Menschen zeigen, die an Depressionen oder einer Posttraumatischen Belastungsstörung leiden. Aus diesem Grund leitet sie auch eine Online Selbsthilfegruppe, die Menschen miteinander verbinden und ihnen Optionen aufzeigen soll.

Heidis Traum ist es, Yoga als spiezielle Heilungsmethode für Angst, Depressionen und PTBS anzubieten. Dass Yoga hilft, wieder Lebensfreude zu gewinnen, ist auf jeden Fall in ihren Fotos zu erkennen.

"There is no such thing as somebody else's child" - #thecompassioncollective . Every year on mother's day there are millions of women who hearts ache because they have not yet been able to give birth to their own children. I see your pain and I ache with you. Our society tends to focus so much on identifying motherhood as physically having our own children to take care of. We claim that you aren't a mother unless you have personally given birth to or raised a child in your own home. This could not he further from the truth. Motherhood is part of our make up as women. And far too often we don't own that. We don't understand that until we can fully grasp the depth of our calling as females we won't truly be fulfilling our nature as mothers. On the deepest level of motherhood EVERYONE IS OUR CHILD. Our job as women is to take every child we come across under our wing and nurture them. No matter the age, race, sex, etc. We have the opportunity to right now to own our divine essence as women and help to mother the children of the world. See @brenebrown page to join in the effort to protect and share our love with the millions of refugee children that need your love as a mother more than ever.

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