Fitness-Girl verrät das Geheimnis ihrer Po-Verwandlung


Die Bloggerin aus Kanada überzeugt nach hartem Training mit einer schönen Kehrseite.

Abby Pollock hat bereits einige Verwandlungen mit ihrem Körper durchgemacht. Nicht alle davon waren schön. So hat die Fitness-Bloggerin bereits eine Essstörung überstanden, bei der sie sich zum Teil nur von einem grünen Smoothie zum Frühstück und einem kleinen Salat mittags und abends ernährte. Vor vier Jahren suchte sie dann einen Ernährungsberater und Personal Trainer auf, der sie dazu bewegte täglich 2.000 Kalorien aufzunehmen.



????WARNING???? I'm about to be honest with you. - Yes, this is my real transformation. My butt did grow that much. My boobs - maybe a bit but most of that "growth" is thanks to the add-two-cups Victoria's Secret bra. Fake boobs don't align with my adrenaline junkie tendencies????. In 2012 I was 20lbs underweight and was struggling on and off with anorexia and binge eating disorder. In 2015 I was at a healthy, but lean weight with some fat, a lot more muscle, and balanced hormones. - Now that we've got that out of the way. Here's what you need to know. ????I DID NOT get here by taking "supplements", avoiding carbs, drinking slim teas, or doing BS exercises that you see on most IG exercise pages. I built a muscular foundation using compound exercises (not machines), progressed how often I trained + how much weight I lifted over time, and adjusted my diet to meet my training needs. I pulled myself together. I FINALLY got started. I commit to a program. And I let go of the habits that were holding me back. Where I struggled most was with getting started and then committing. I felt like no matter how many articles I read or #fitspo accounts I stalked, there was some gap in knowledge between what they knew and what I was doing????. I spent a lot of time reading, getting overwhelmed, feeling frustrated then trying again. It was miserable for a solid few months. 〰This is WHY I put out so much "beginner" content and this is WHY it's so important to me to explain everything I do to you, no matter how simple it sounds. 〰This is WHY I started my group training program. Because there's no program out there that meets you where you are right here, right now and helps you build that foundation in knowledge + muscle. If you've made it this far, you're clearly determined. And I invite you to check out our group training program (LINK IN BIO)????. Just check it out. This is your chance to FINALLY pull yourself together. FINALLY start. And FINALLY start making progress towards the body + confidence you deserve????????.

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Damals war Abby Polly noch hager, hatte kaum Rundungen und vor allem einen flachen Po. Nach ihrer Ernährungsumstellung ist die Fitness-Bloggerin nun stolz auf ihren Körper. Täglich nimmt sie 1.700 Kalorien zu sich und ernährt sich ausgewogen von Proteinen, Kohlenhydraten und gesunden Fetten.



Belated #FeelinMyselfFriday post???? I've been LOVING our accountability group theme days so far...especially this one. On Fridays we share selfies and transformation pics to encourage self-acceptance and appreciation throughout each step our fitness journey. I say "encourage" because accepting yourself each and every day is much easier said than done. - I know how tough it can be to feel satisfied with our progress when we don't yet feel our "best". Thing is - looking our best is a subjective thing. I used to think I was only my best when I was stage lean or peeled to the bone. This was a discouraging and self-limiting belief. Every day you have the choice to take action towards your goals and be kind to yourself. Every day you have a choice to DO your best and as a result accept that you ARE you best in this moment. Our bodies are constantly changing and so it's really not fair to hold onto a single aesthetic as being acceptable. You're wonderful right now????✌️ PS new vlog up on youtube.com/c/AbbyPollockFit or click link in bio.

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Um ihren Body in Form zu halten, trainiert die Kanadierin vier Mal wöchentlich je eine Stunde im Fitnesscenter.



Not sure if you’re doing the “right” thing ????? Let me break this down real quick. Does your approach go a lil something like this: . Monday - Magazine article “toning” workout Tuesday - YouTube “lean muscle building” workout Wednesday - Obscure Instagram glute workout (like Cirque du Soleil acrobatic level obscure) Thursday - *too sore to walk* // *what have I done* Friday - *switches to pilates* . If this is you - I LOVE that you’re taking action and *trying*...but progress comes to to consistency over time ????????. You can’t keep program hopping / being a flake and expect to get results. Muscle building is a very slow process. In ideal conditions (aka you’re following a PROVEN PLAN for training, nutrition, accountability) you can gain 1-2 lbs of lean muscle per month. PER MONTH FAM ????. Why would you want to slow down your own progress by not committing? Doesn’t really make sense when you look at it like that. . If you’re ready to cut the BS and FINALLY commit to results, you need to join our TransformNation Membership community ????????. I’m telling you this because this system has not only gotten results for me, but also helped a lot of ladies make some serious mental and physical gains (just see my IG story). ????LINK IN BIO for full details!!

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